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【Health + Economic home meal catering】#Seremban 18 years operated 188 Healthy home meal catering is the first choice for you and your family❗😋👨‍🍳🍱 188 Healthy home meal catering provide variety of menu, you are allow to order your own choice of dishes.🥰

Suitable for those are~☑️ Busy in work☑️ Annoying what to cookNo matter big or small family, 188 healthy home meal are ready to fulfill your needsSo, wife/mum no upset anymore😁

188 healthy home meal’s ingredients all are purchase everyday and prepare at the same day, all dishes are NO MSG and less salt and sugar! Definitely same taste like mother’s home cook😍

🔥Famous dishes🔥👉Pineapple Chicken👉 Braised pork/Lu Wei👉Roast Pork with Honey Sauce👉 Braised pork ball in brown sauce👉 Steamed Chicken with Snow Fungus👉 Kunyit chicken👉Hakka fried noodles👉Hakka fried meat👉Yong Tofu👉Hometown Tofu They also provide vegetarian menu for every fifteenth day of the lunar calendar,And provide double-stew soup in every Tuesday and Thursday👨‍🍳

Now the merchant is having big promotions❗ 50% discount for new customers! (Get 1 moths meal but only pay for half month)❗、Don’t wait! Order now😉 

🛵 Delivery location coverage : Seremban, Lukut and Port DicksonWhatsApp Link:

【Healthy Home Meal Catering】📍Address : 205-G, Jalan Haruan 5/6, Pusat Komersial Oakland 2, 70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.⏰ Business hours:8.30am - 5.30pm📞 Contact:016-252 6655

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