LYC Mother & Child Centre is a five-star luxury confinement care services centre in Malaysia that blends traditional postpartum practices with modern medical expertise, ensuring adequate and proper care for both mother and newborn. Lauded as one of the best confinement care services in Malaysia, we at LYC provide a wide array of services to postnatal mothers and newborn, ranging from recovery and wellness therapy, postnatal yoga, 24/7 nursery care, nutritious and balanced meals to parenthood health talks, workshops as well as activities. All services are thoughtfully designed to help new mothers recover, rejuvenate, recharge and unwind. In the hope to provide postnatal mothers a pleasant and relaxed environment, our confinement care services centre is well-equipped with facilities such as high speed Wifi, TV access, top-tier security control, private suites with attached bathroom and etc. As such, postnatal mothers can have total peace of mind during their recovery period. At LYC, we have a team of highly trained confinement specialist, experienced nurses to offer intensive care for postnatal mothers and newborns. Other than that, with 24-hour 1-to-1 baby surveillance system and provision of hygiene screening at check-in reception, we are fully committed to ensure the wellbeing and safety of new mothers and their babies.

MYR 1,500 - 1,800

  • 岗位职责:

    •        Assessment of nursing needs for mothers and babies.
    • Advise on breastfeeding, managing newborn and other health promotion to mothers.
    • Ensure that nursing procedures are carried out in accordance with protocol and guidelines
    • Maintain absolute confidentiality in respect of patient records and medical nursing.
    • Tracking of baby report for their milk consumption.
    • On time feeding and taking care of new-born infant.
    • Ensure the cleanliness of baby room.
    • Ensure proper hygiene.
    • Monitor general wellbeing of mother and child.



    1. ·        拥有至少两年以上相关领域的工作经验 (APC CERTIFICATE)
    2. ·        熟练英语和华话


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