Getting started
  • Step 1 – Register Account
    • Register for a free account

      • Go to .
      • Click on “Login/Register”.
      • Click on “Create One”.
      • Register an account with email or phone number.
      • Fill in your email or phone number, click on “Get Code”.
      • Fill in your Full Name, Password, Confirm Password, click on “Register”.
  • Step 2 - Create Profile
    • Click on “My Account” > “Profile” enter profile page to fill in full personal info for hiring company to review.

      Info needed to be filled in includes:
      Education Level, Salary, Working Industry, Working Experience, Marital Status, Race etc.

  • Step 3 - Upload Resume
    • Upload personal resume to apply for job vacancy.

      Click on resume to submit resume, hiring company will use it as reference.

      *Upload limited to PDF file only.

  • Step 4 - Search Job
    • Before applying for a job, please consider which industry interests you the most, when you have a rough idea of it is when you can start searching for a job!

      If you feel confused, or without any direction, please refer back to our website as a quick and easy search will offer you some help! website have 3 different search engines:

      1. Homepage search bar The column can be used to guide you to find job vacancy through Location, Job Title, Jobs Specializations.
      2. Homepage left wing has a column for Jobs Specializations The column offer jobs specializations for different kinds of industry, clicking on it can search for job vacancies from these industries.
      3. Jobs hiring page detail column Click on “Jobs”, enter jobs hiring page, left wing offer specialization search column. *If the job you are interested job is hiring, welcome to click on favorite to save or click share to share on social media.
  • Step 5 - Apply Job
    • How to apply job?

      • Step 1 - Click on “Apply Now”.
      • Step 2 - Fill in the Job Application Form including: Name, Email, Phone Number, Description.
      • Step 3 - Attach your resume file, you can choose to upload your resume separately, or use the resume data already uploaded to your personal file.
      • Step 4 - Click the “Apply” button.

      Make sure all personal data is correct for hiring company to contact. In “Description” column it is suggested that applicants describe their background, the interest in the job, the work experience in related field, as this will help hiring company to know more about the applicant background and increase the chances of getting interview opportunities.

  • Step 6 - Jobs Applied
    • Click on “My Account” > “Profile” to enter profile page.

      In Profile page, there are 2 columns:

      1. Saved Jobs
        This column will show previously liked jobs vacancy.
      2. Jobs Applied
        This column will show jobs applied.
  • Troubleshoot
      1. Problem logging in If failed to log in through normal procedure, please click on “forgot password (link to forgot password)” to get the verification code in order to reset password.
        • If didn’t received any email from please check your junk mail.
        • If didn’t received any message from please click “Get Code” again.
      2. Troubleshooting
        If website can’t display normally, please check the following:
        • Ensure the website is open via common use explorers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari etc.
        • Ensure Internet Connection is stable.
        • Configure your browser as below:
          1. Clear your internet browser cache, browsing history and cookies.
          2. Enable JavaScript.
          3. Enable Cookies.
          4. Disable advertisement blocker plug-in.
          5. Disable Pop-up blocker.

      *For more inquiries, please contact [email protected]