Job Post Policy
  • Job Title Specification
      1. Please Fill In the Job Title In Chinese and English

        • ❎ 罗里司机
        • ❎ Lorry Driver
        • ✅ 罗里司机 Lorry Driver
      2. Fill in a specific, concise and clear job title

        • ❎ 产品供应部 Product Supply Chain
        • ✅ 产品供应部员工 Product Supply Chain Executive
      3. Avoid Confusing Nouns

        • ❎ 市场
        • ✅ 市场执行员 Marketing Executive
      4. Please do not fill the terms “Hiring” “Full-time/Part-time” “Male/Female” and etc. in the column

        • ❎ 急聘女书记
        • ✅ 普通书记 General Clerk

        *These information can be placed in the “Requirements” column.

      • ❎ 广告招牌制作半师,学徒
      • ✅ 广告招牌制作员工 Advertising Signboard Worker

        *Words such as Skilled, Semi-skilled, Apprentice, can be placed in the “Requirements” column.

      1. is limited to 1 Job per 1 Ad Post.

      1 Post 1 Job Example

      Unrelated Job Title e.g.

      • ❎ 行政助理/技术员

      • ✅ 技术人员 Technician

      • ✅ 行政助理 Admin Assistant

      • ❎ 普工、QC

      • ✅ 普通员工General Worker

      • ✅ 品质检测员 Quality Controller

        *Choose to keep 1 of these positions, or publish 2 ad posts each.

      Related Job Title, e.g.

      • ✅ 会计兼行政书记 Account cum Admin Clerk
      • ✅ 货仓管理兼递送员 Storekeeper cum Despatch
  • For Overseas Hiring
    • Any overseas hiring Ad must provide the following documents to help protect the safety of users and comply with relevant regulations:

      1. An Authorization Letter from overseas company to the local company (must have signature and seal of person in charge of both companies).
      2. A copy of the overseas company's registration document / A copy of the client’s ID.
      3. A copy of local company’s registration documents (SSM) / A copy of the person in charge’s NRIC.

      Jobs in Singapore are not included in this regulation. reserves the right to withdraw any Ad that had failed to provide these supporting documents.

  • Special Industries
    • The following mentioned special industries must provide related document and various precautions.

      1. Guest Relations Staff
        Regardless of male or female, if the working locations include Karaoke, Pub & Bistro, Lounge, Night Club, Private Club etc.

        • Company registration documents (SSM)
        • Ad must mention the following:
      2. Company Name

      3. Company Address

      4. Contact Number

      5. Escort / Model

        • Company registration documents (SSM)
        • A copy of the person in charge’s NRIC
        • Ad must mention the following:
          1. Company Name
          2. Company Address
          3. Contact Number
      6. Marketing Executive / Salesman
        Personal hiring of “Marketing Executive” or “Salesman” related job title must provide the copy of person in charge’s NRIC.

      *Employment in the name of a company is not included in this regulation.

  • Illegal Ad
    • do not accept any illegal Ad, Ad from company / individual which is published that are not coherent to government regulations, reserves the right to remove all illegal Ad content without warning and refund.

      Please ensure all Ad info and content are correct and legal. For more details please visit here.