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    • How to post an Ad on

      • Click “Post Ad” on homepage to enter “Create Post” page.
      • Click “Advertise with us” at homepage, select “Post Ad Now”.
      • Click “My Account” at homepage followed by “Dashboard” and select “Create Post”.
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    • Click on “Jobs”
      *Before creating post, make sure to fill in Advertiser Profile Info.

      1. Job Details

        Fill in all column so that can provide more information to job seekers.

        Company Name
        Click on the field to select the company name from drop down list.
        *Select “Confidential” and the company name and logo will not be displayed on your ad post.

        Job Title
        Fill in both Chinese and English Job Title.
        e.g. 行政助理 Admin Assistant

        This column must be filled with dual language. is limited to 1 Job per 1 Ad Post.
        *Please do not fill the terms of “Hiring” “Full-time/Part-time” “Male/Female” and etc. in the column. These information can be placed in the “Job Description” column.

        Select Job Vacancy Specialization.
        e.g. “行政助理 Admin Assistant” belongs to “Administrative / Clerical / Secretarial”.

        Fill in the lowest and highest salary amount.

        *If salary is negotiable select “Negotiable” and the salary range will display “Salary Negotiable” on your ads.

        Fill in the required working experience.

        Fill in the amount of vacancies.

        Employment Type
        Fill in employment type: Full-time, Part-time, Internship.

        Fill in the job level requirement.
        e.g. Assistant, Non-Executive, Junior Executive, Senior Executive, Manager, Senior Manager.

        Select if the job is limited to only male or female to apply.

        Age Range
        Select the age range required for the job.

        Minimum Education
        Select the minimum education level for the job.

        Select the required language skill for the job.

      2. Job Description

        Please fill in Chinese and English Job Description separately.

        *“Title ZH” in Chinese section must be filled.
        Please fill in the Job Title the same as “Job Details”.
        e.g. 行政助理 Admin Assistant

        Describe the job requirements such as education level, required skill and personality for the position.
        e.g. SPM education level / Good communication skill / Able to work independently.

        List the essential duties required to carry out this job.
        e.g. Communicate positively and professionally with client / Able to communicate with supplier and client.

        List out the benefits and special bonuses for workers.
        e.g. EPF/ SOCSO / Performance bonus / Travel allowance.

      3. Contacts / Location

        Provide valid & contactable email for job seekers to mail in their application.

        Office Number / Phone Number
        These 2 contacts must be filled.

        *Please fill in country code, without (+).

        Add up to 5 working address.
        The 1st address filled in will be displayed on the homepage Ad slot while the rest will be displayed inside the ad.

        For different branches, info can be filled in “Requirements”
        The location filled here will be displayed in the ad, therefore should fill in Advertiser Address and not the Billing Address.

      4. Purchase Summary

        Choose Package have many packages to choose from.

        Promo Code will launch promotions from time to time, and will provide promo codes for special discounts. Enter the promo code and click “Apply” to activate the code.

        *If you are interested, please call: 03-2289 6188.

        Provide function to “Save as draft” for unfinished Ad Content.

        Click “Submit Job” and complete payment to post Ad.

  • Ad Preview
    • After completing the posting procedure, where can the Ad be viewed at?

      1. Click “Jobs” at homepage to view the Ad.
      2. Use the search bar to search for keywords.
      3. Click “My Account” > “Dashboard”, “Manage Posts” to check on all Ad content. *All Ad will last for 90 days.
  • Ad Writing Tutorial
    • Job Title
      Be specific about the job title, to avoid confusion.

      e.g. ❎ 产品供应部 Product Supply Chain ✅ 产品供应部员工 Product Supply Chain Executive *Job Title Specification please check for here (link to 6. Job Post Policy – Job Title Specification).

      Describe the job requirements such as education level, skills required and personality etc.

      These qualifications include:

      1. Work experience - types / amounts (years) of working experience
        e.g. Minimum 1 year working experience in Sales & Marketing.
      2. Skills - soft skills / technical skills
        e.g. Excellent Communication skills / Data Analysis skills.
      3. Specific knowledge
        e.g. Knowledge in Building Layouts.
      4. Education type and level
        e.g. At least Diploma in Mass Communication or STPM.
      5. Professional licenses or certifications
        e.g. Possess a GDL driving license.
      6. Personal qualities and attributes
        e.g. Work independently with a good attitude and responsibility.
      7. Languages
        e.g. Proficient in Chinese, English and Malay.
      8. Physical abilities.
        e.g. Able to stand for long periods of time.

      List the essential duties required to carry out this job.

      Example 1: Account Assistant

      • Ensuring payments, amounts and records are correct.
      • Prepare monthly account schedule and expenses report.
      • Liaising with clients and suppliers.
      • Bank reconciliation.

      Example 2: Customer Service Representative

      • Communicate with customers via phone, email and social media.
      • Respond promptly to customer complaints and enquiries.
      • Give customers information about products and services.
      • Process orders, forms, applications, and requests.
      • Maintain a positive and professional attitude toward customers.

      List of employee benefits and compensation that the company can provide


      1. EPF / SOCSO / EIS
      2. Commission
      3. Incentive e.g. Performance Incentives / Attendance Incentive.
      4. Bonus e.g. Year-End Bonus / Quarterly Bonus.
      5. Allowance e.g. Travel Allowance / Petrol Allowance.
      6. Medical Insurance
      7. Provide meals or accommodation
      8. On-the-job training / Promotion opportunities
      9. Friendly work environment / Team-building trips
      10. Salary range based on experience