Privacy Policy

Data and all other information provided or submitted by the user through the usage of eClassified Services or via any forms of communication with eClassified constitute user information (User Information). eClassified treats User Information which by its very nature is sensitive, in the strictest confidence. For the avoidance of doubt, any personal data as defined in the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA) that is provided to eClassified in the User’s regular use of eClassified Services, shall also constitute User Information. In the treatment of User Information, eClassified will at all times comply with PDPA and the principles set out therein.

Users agree that eClassified and/or its affiliates may collect and use such User information including but not limited to the user’s Name, Age, Gender, and location gathered from eClassified Services to profile users as part of eClassified’s ongoing measures to provide better and more relevant services including but not limited to advertising, R&D, data mining and user profiling.

eClassified will not use this User Information to personally identify the user. However, eClassified may share aggregated User Information that is not personally identifiable with partners, governmental organizations, clients, other users of eClassified Services and the general public.

eClassified will not resell nor provide personally identifiable User Information to third parties without the written consent of the user, unless required by statutory requirements, regulatory requirements or through a discovery process in legal proceedings initiated in a court of competent jurisdiction.