Instant Frozen Packaged Food 即食冷冻包装食品- 张师傅正宗家乡风味菜式“懒人包”
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SIN CHENG Restaurant Master Chef 🏅Master Teow’s authentic hometown-style dishes "lazy pack", providing you liam liam flavors😋😍 #available in Klang Valley, Perak & Pahang

Open for dine-in! However, the epidemic is still very serious, so I dare not casually go to restaurants outside to enjoy food 🙅♂

Plus, I haven’t had Balik Kampung for a long time, and I really miss my hometown Ipoh favorite food🤤

Hence, Sin Cheng Restaurant launches instant frozen packaged food, just put it in boiling water and heat it for 15 minutes and then the delicious food is ready to be served!

Once on the table, the scent permeates the dining room directly,

Let you feel the taste of mom’s home-cooking and the fragrant dishes of the well-known restaurant master class, I'm not even afraid of people around me eating loudly & unmannered! 🤭

Hey-hey! Whether you are Work From Home or return to the company to work🧑💻;

If you’re too busy to cook, it’s definitely the best choice for you;

You don’t need to spend a lot of time if you want to eat a good food, and you don’t have to risk your life to buy ingredients outside during extraordinary times. 🙅♂

The most important thing is that the restaurant launches ready-to-eat frozen packaged food to make you a chef in an instant 👨🍳

Everything is guaranteed to be made with fresh and high-quality ingredients 💯, which is definitely loved by the majority of people, making many people want to buy again and again after buying it! 🤗

The dishes are diversified, and you won't be able to have the same taste every day (*Variety type of dishes, unable to list one by one)

 🔥Steamed chicken with salt wine

 🔥Healthy pork knuckle vinegar

 🔥Mei Cai Kou Po

 🔥Braised yuan hoof

 🔥Dry curry ribs

 🔥Hometown Stew

 🔥Midnight Scented Kiss

 🔥Black Pepper Pork Belly Soup

 🔥Peanut pork knuckle pot

 🔥Teochew Spice Braised Chicken Wings

 🔥Braised Pork Ribs in Sauce

 ✅High-tech rapid freezing ❄️​

 ✅Packed in high temperature resistant vacuum bag🏷

 ✅Keep the original flavor💯

 ✅No added preservatives❌

 ✅Preservation period: 180 days

 🛵 Delivery coverage: Perak, Pahang and Klang Valley (agent)

 🛒Order link/contact reservation:

 📱Master Teow Personal Page

 *Welcome interested parties to join as agents in all states in Malaysia

In addition, the restaurant mainly provides professional and comprehensive door-to-door catering services, including large and small banquets, wedding banquets, community banquets, etc.👨🍳

 【SIN CHENG Restaurant】

 📍Address: 15, Lorong 1, Taman Langkap Jaya, 36700 Langkap, Perak.

 📞Contact number: 05-6597934

 ⏰Business hours: 11.00am-2.30pm/5.00pm-9.30pm

 📱Sin Cheng Restaurant Facebook page: >>

 *Image courtesy of Xincheng Restaurant

 For more food information, visit


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