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🇰🇷 Korean Mama allows us to cook authentic Korean cuisine easily at home and the taste was as delicious as the outside Korean restaurants.

During this MCO, please stay home and stay safe.

Don't forget to order 1 set of Korean Mama food delivery and enjoy it at home.

It is highly recommended to those who like to eat Korean cuisine as the ingredients used in Korean Mama 💯guarantee fresh ingredients.

Other than that, this is where you can buy the ingredients you want at the best price 🤑

Not only taste comparable to Korean restaurants, but the price is also worth it as well.

For example, having a set of Korean cuisine in restaurants is equivalent few meals of Korean Mama dishes at home🤯

They are generous in terms of the ingredients, and portion, so that customers will feel satisfied.

Quickly hit the link below to order the authentic Korean cuisine at home.

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Coverage Location:Klang Valley

【Korean Mama Trading】

Cash On Delivery/Pickup:Persiaran Damai Perdana, Bandar Damai Perdana, 43200 Cheras, Selangor (Infront A&W Petronas) 

FMCO Operation hour :10 am-9 pm