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Have you tried the super deluxe version of abalone nasi lemak? Poppo Kanteen recently launched a new delicacy abalone feast, you can eat abalone nasi lemak for only RM19.90.

Recently, there is a lot of work pressure and I can only stay at home, and eating is definitely the best way to relieve stress. Come to Poppo Kanteen for the latest special abalone feast, including abalone nasi lemak, abalone tom yam soup, abalone fried rice and abalone spicy fried rice.

Abalone paired with sambal unexpectedly, the spicy sambal and the tenderness of abalone, the more delicious you eat, the better it is recommended.

Don't go around the epidemic, contact us to pack it and deliver it to your door. Also, we have launched an easy-to-cook frozen chicken chop, which is affordable and easy to cook, allowing you to prepare a ceremonial dinner at home.

Frozen Chicken Chop RM8

Frozen Lamb Chop RM18

Frozen Ayam Berempah RM12

Nugget RM6

Coffee Gao Gao (3 for RM10)

Sambal Nasi Lemak RM5

Ikan Bilis & Kacang RM7

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