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Da Long Yi Hotpot is a Chinese premium hotpot that serves 100% authentic "成都" taste for Chinese all over the world. Right now, we are offering hotpot delivery to your doorstep.

Our products are 100% freshly made daily. We also prepared cold-pack soup rather than hot soup for our customer's health-conscious especially we put it in plastic.

Anytime you feel like want to eat meat, celebrate holidays, or occasionally want to have "something special" with your family. You should try 🔥our Da Long Yi Hotpot!

‼️For ordering‼️

 Step 1: WhatsApp to our Da Long Yi Hotpot for Menu

 Step 2: Choose your favorite packages and delivery time

 Step 3: Once payment is done, kindly wait patiently for the arrival of the hotpot feast! ❤❤

🔽Reservation/Delivery Service🔽

Operation hour: 11am - 8pm

**Excluded delivery fees, depends on Grab calculation

***Klang Valley ONLY

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