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The founder of Kakatoo, Mdm Irene is also an inheritor of Nyonya cuisine and a lover of Nyonya cuisine.

For 43 years, Mdm Irene has combined Nyonya cuisine with Malaysia’s unique kampong cooking method.

The traditional Chinese cooking methods are combined with the unique spices of Southeast Asia to form a Nyonya culture full of tropical flavors with a fragrant flavor, sour, sweet, spicy and pungent.

It has been more than 40 years since the beginning of research on delicious food. Because of his passion for Nyonya cuisine, he still insists on preparing ingredients and cooking sauces by himself every day.

She always believes that only by using fresh and natural ingredients to prepare food can the soul of food be created.

Therefore, every bite of Kakatoo's food is actually a perfect combination of fresh ingredients, professional cooking and full of love and care.

Outlet details

1. The Starling Mall


Level 1

03-7732 7752

2. Nu Sentral Shopping Centre

Lot G.46 & G. 47

Ground Floor

03-2276 5583

3.Ativo Plaza, Bandar Sri Damansara

Lot B-G-1, 

Ground Floor

03-6279 0110

4.IOI CIty Mall, Putrajaya

Lot LG-78B & 78C

Lower Ground Floor

03-8953 8074


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