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#Our Restaurant Recommend new dishes

❣️ Claypot Pork Soup

❣️ Claypot Seafood Soup

❣️ Claypot Three Fresh Pork Soup

❣️Hand-made yong tofu (freshly made, freshly fried, freshly cooked) package is fresh!

  (🔟Diverse, you choose)

❣️Fried chicken, fried wonton, fried dumplings, etc...

❣️ Regal burning bag 🤩🤩🤩 (of course indispensable)

Damn! I can’t introduce that much, just come and try and you’ll know‼ ️

*Friends who don’t want to eat pork, it’s okay, we have prepared a lot for you

 30 kinds of ingredients are waiting for you😘 You can choose, you can choose, we carefully prepare for you💖

Oh ❗️By the way, this shop also offers Grab Food & Food Panda Delivery

❤️ If you don’t want to go out, just order takeaway and deliver it directly to your home🏠

Our shop will open night shift from August 1, 2020 🥰

Business hours from 7AM-10PM / 7 am to 10 pm

#Don't miss those who pass by


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