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Are you bored with your irritable life and want to find a place to relax yourself?🛋

Have artistic cells but don't know how to cultivate them?🖍

Good News! In the bustling Star City, there is a mysterious store called S_pace, it is a place for everyone to relax and find their own space.🌤

S_pace is advocating "low consumption, high enjoyment", so that everyone can relax at any time in a tranquil and comfortable environment. You can enjoy birthday parties, family dinners and lecture meetings there. 🎉🎊

The design concept of the store all origins from the owner. In addition to focusing on slow life, the owner also majored in art design and led students to win the champion of the International Competition. 🏆

The owner is also here to invite all of you who have artistic talent and love painting to cooperate with us🤝. If you have any design questions or seek creative design, you are welcome to ask the owner.🤙🏽

S_pace also cooperates with professional teachers to open the tuition classes. Apart from aesthetic classes is recruit students from 4-year-old, they also provide many tuition such as Maths, B.Melayu,Sej, Geo,UEC Acc , Chemistry, Physics, Biology and another subject to all primary and secondary students.📝📃Most importantly, there are no more than 10 students in a class.

S_pace also offers a variety of books for everyone to read in a quiet environment. 📚When you feel boring, S_pace also provides more than 40 ++ educational board games to cultivate people's thinking, logic, analysis and judgment!

Friends talk, students study, meetings, and lectures all can be held there! Don’t worry about the meeting is not private enough or internet speed is too slow. S_pace possess high speed Internet for you to playing online game, watch movie or searching any information. It also has a conference room that can accommodate 80 ++people.💻

The fees is also very cheap:

* Children 3 hours RM7, all-day RM 15 *

*Student 3 hours RM9, all day RM18 *

*Adults 3 hours only need RM10, 12 hours just RM20 *

You only need to pay once to enjoy unlimited refill snacks and drinks:

➢ All kinds of snacks & soda drinks🥤

➢ Green tea & Chrysanthemum tea🍵

➢ Nescafe & Milo☕


Free snacks provides for more than 3 hours:

➢ Latte

➢ Mocha

➢ Cappucino

➢ Milk Chocolate

➢ Hot Milk🥛

➢ Espresso

➢ Starbucks Mint Citrus Flavoured Green Tea

➢ Starbucks Earl Grey Black Tea

➢ Starbucks Italian Roast

➢ Starbucks Colombia

More food and drinks will be added on after January🍿. S_pace promise to provide you with a high luxury and comfortable place to reduce your stress.🖖🏼

You also can bring your own food to S_pace to enjoy it.

Every Saturday, 8PM-10PM will also have a live-action werewolf game ~🐺


Opening Hours:

Sunday to Thursday 12PM-11PM

Friday-Saturday 12PM-12AM

~Anyone who wants to cooperate, support local creative work or is interested to know any details are welcomed to contact the owner. Tel. 012882 1880📲