Bestweld 金属屋架 Bestweld Galvannised roof truss concept
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★ 强韧可靠耐用★ 防漏防腐蚀★ 容易安装美观★ 可预防白蚁突破传统屋顶桁架的新概念!!只须改造一次, 终生受惠无穷.无须担忧白蚁问题!!10年保用期

 Bestweld Galvannised roof truss concept

★ Strong, durable and reliable

★ Leakproof and anti-corrosion

★ Easy to install, beutiful exterior

★ Prevents termites

Higher quality as compared to traditional roof trusses!!

Only need to do it once, and last for a lifetime.

No need to worry about termites!!

10-year warranty.

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