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Feng Shui:

With over 100 experiences in conducting Feng Shui for residential properties, lands, shops, and factories.

Feng Shui Case Studies:

  1. The boss selling gloves received a 70,000 big order after service, which was received within a few days.
  2. A school bus driver initially only had 2 students, one of whom was his grandson. After service, he now carries 15 students within 3 months, and over 30 primary and secondary school students within two years.
  3. The owner of a small restaurant, facing business difficulties, tried the Feng Shui service and was taught how to resolve them. Within 3 weeks, the business improved significantly.
  4. A chain of bubble milk tea shops had good business at the beginning but experienced a continuous decline later. The owner contacted us to find out the problem and solutions. Within one month, the business started to pick up.
  5. The grocery stall in the market didn't attract many customers. The owner tried the Feng Shui service, and after some adjustments, the business gradually improved.

In Feng Shui, we can improve current unfavorable situations such as:

  1. Enhancing support from benefactors, making it easier to achieve goals.
  2. Boosting children's academic performance and creating a conducive learning environment.
  3. Enhancing wealth luck and reducing financial losses.
  4. Harmonizing relationships in marriage, fostering understanding to overcome challenges and attract wealth.
  5. Creating a favorable working environment, cooperation, leading to greater profits.