Search & Apply
  • Search For Job Method
    • website have 3 different search engines:

      1. Homepage search bar
        The column can be used to guide you to find job vacancy through Location, Job Title, Jobs Specializations.
      2. Homepage left wing has a column for Jobs Specializations
        The column offer jobs specializations for different kinds of industry, clicking on it can search for job vacancies from these industries.
      3. Jobs hiring page detail column
        Click on “Jobs”, enter jobs hiring page, left wing offer specialization search column.

      *If the job you are interested job is hiring, welcome to click on favorite to save or click share button to share on social media.

  • Apply For Job Vacancy
    • How to Apply?

      1. Apply via

        • Step 1 - Click on “Apply Now”.
        • Step 2 - Fill in the Job Application Form including: Name, Email, Phone Number, Description.
        • Step 3 - Upload resume file, can upload resume separately or use previously uploaded Profile as resume data.
        • Step 4 - Click on “Apply”.

        *Make sure all personal data is correct for hiring company to contact.

        *In “Description” column it is suggested that applicants describe their background, the interest in the job, the work experience in related field, as this will help hiring company to know more about the applicant background and increase the chances of getting interview opportunities.

      2. Apply via Email / Phone Number

        Under the bottom of the job post page there’s a “Contact” for hiring company contact info, applicants can contact hiring company through email, contact number, WhatsApp for job opportunities.

  • Search For Jobs Applied
    • Click on “My Account” > “Profile” to enter profile page.

      Inside Profile page, there are 2 columns:

      1. Saved Jobs
        This column will show previously liked jobs vacancy.
      2. Jobs Applied
        This column will show jobs applied.
  • Job Application Follow Up
    • After submitting a job application form, system will send the applicant's file to the hiring company through email, the hiring company will arrange time for the interview and such etc.

      *Please wait patiently for interview opportunities.

      *If you apply for vacancies in several companies at the same time, and have been offered a job offer by one of them, please remember to politely reply to other companies that had offer job opportunities.

  • Unable To Apply For a Job
    • This may because of the following:

      1. Login to account first.
      2. Register account here (link to Register).